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Career Coaching

Many well-known entrepreneurs, business leaders, and celebrities swear by having a career coach.

Career coaching is in high demand. Today's job market is quickly changing. There are new careers that didn't exist just a few years ago. There is a lot to choose from that fits many different lifestyles. The idea of working full-time remotely seemed far-fetched for many people as little as two years ago, yet millions globally have switched to that career lifestyle since then. Employers have become more flexible in working with their employees and it is best to know how to effectively negotiate what you want. Negotiation is no longer only about salary. It is about vacation days, benefits and also the number of days one is able to work remotely. Knowing what you want from a job and career and understanding how to get it is imperative to a high quality of life. We spend over a third of our day at work so it makes the most sense to get the one that best fits what we want.

It can be very overwhelming to figure out how to find the best career that works well with your personality, lifestyle, and skills. Sometimes when there are so many options it can feel so overwhelming that it is almost as if we have no options at all. Also, when we don't know our skills or don't know how to market them, it can also seem as if our options are very limited. This is where career coaching helps. Career coaches give guidance, insight, knowledge and support in choosing the best career options, negotiation, job transitions and also in handling all the nuances and subtleties of the work setting that can otherwise be difficult to understand or handle.

Why you may need career coaching

  • Not motivated to find a job or start a career

  • Too many options to choose from

  • Not enough options to choose from

  • Not sure how to handle a colleague or boss

  • Help with job transition

  • Confused about how to start

  • Defining goals

  • Unsure of job stability

  • Don't know what's next

  • Unsatisfied with career

  • Anxiety about what job or future job

  • Unhealthy work environment

  • Lack of focus

  • Not sure what you're good at

  • Don't know how to ask for a raise, better benefits or to work remotely

Some of what I help with

  • Help choose the right career or job

  • Learn how to stay in your current job that might not be secure

  • Problem-solving

  • Negotiation skills

  • Coping tools 

  • Focus

  • Help change limiting behavior

  • Eliminate career frustration

  • Help you to understand yourself 

  • Provide clear insight about different careers and their culture

  • Explore options and opportunities

  • Overcome stress and anxiety

  • Smooth job transitioning

  • Evaluate strengths and weaknesses

  • Defining and reaching realistic goals

  • Building a strong connection with colleagues and bosses

  • Finding motivation 

  • Choosing next steps

  • Getting the courage to change jobs

  • Figuring out what your skills and talents are 

Meeting Room


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