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Tali testimonial.jpg

I was introduced to Ingrid through a friend who was her client and told me that I absolutely have to meet her. It was strange for me to have online sessions, but I saw such a big improvement in my friend so I decided to give it a try. There was a connection from the first meeting. I am so grateful for the period of time that I had coaching sessions with Ingrid. She nurtured so much intelligence, wisdom and understanding that is very rare. Her attentiveness, giving nature and analytical abilities are beyond anyone I have ever met. I trust Ingrid more than I trust most friends. Through Ingrid's coaching, I found my strength and abilities that I didn't know I had. I was able to connect to what I truly wanted and needed and there was so much there that I didn't even realize. My life improved drastically, both personally and professionally. Ingrid is a very rare person. She sees many steps ahead and gives 100% of herself to her clients. It's unbelievable sometimes how well she understands the nuances of my life and personality. She has left a deep imprint in my life and I thank her deeply.

Roni Hazan

Be'er Sheva, Israel

Jill Testimonial.jpg

Ingrid has been my lighthouse, when my life has taken unexpected and tumultuous turns.  I went from being single and carefree, to taking in my sister and becoming a mom.  My sister and I, for years never spoke openly to each other.  When she moved in with me, we had a very difficult time communicating with each other and opening up with our true feelings.  A few years later, I found myself in an emotionally, verbally abusive relationship, and pregnant.   Ingrid has showed me how to improve my communication, ask for what I need, help me develop healthy relationships with my family and make me understand that standing up for myself is the most important thing I can do for living a true life. She asks poignant, difficult and relevant questions in a manner where self reflection is demanded.  Ingrid also is one of the most patient and non-judgemental people I have met.  Her insights to humanity are invaluable and help one move forward in life.   I now have a healthy relationship with my sister, who is helping me raise my daughter.  I also am confident in my decisions concerning my daughter and our future.  A million thank yous Ingrid!

Jill Munson

Denver, Colorado

Lee Testimonial.JPG

Ingrid is such a great coach. A few years ago she helped me establish a really good relationship with my parents. Before that, we were fighting and I didn't want to live at home anymore. Now that I'm older and live on my own, I still have a great relationship with them. I still have sessions with Ingrid whenever I need help figuring things out. She always helps me find my center and make decisions that are true to me. Ingrid is inspiring, warm, kind and so smart. Finding her was one of the best things my family and I could have done. My family also still has individual sessions with Ingrid once in a while. She is so great. She helps us find our true selves.

Efrat Banai

Kfar Saba, Israel

Jimmy Jr. Testimonial Pic.JPG

I don't even know where to begin. Ingrid has helped me so much. When I started talking to her, I had no direction in my life. I had no idea what I wanted in my career or from my personal life or from myself. She helped me figure myself out. She helped me gain the confidence and strength to make important career and personal decisions that I felt happy with. When I look back, I was a very different person back then and I am very lucky that I had Ingrid to help me understand myself from my center and without fear. If you're hesitating about talking to her, don't. Just go for it and you'll be so happy you did.

Rob Qvist

San Antonio, Texas

Noa Testimonial.jpg

Ingrid helped me so much with my marriage and relationship with my mom. I had mostly individual coaching and some  marriage coaching. I also had a few sessions with my mom. Ingrid helped me really see the issues I was facing. I dealt with a lot of low self confidence which made me see situations as conflict. Ingrid's coaching has helped to really turn my life around. My confidence has improved so much. My husband and I communicate so much better and we're so much happier together. My mom and I are able to hang out without fighting which is a big deal for us. I can't recommend Ingrid enough. She's amazing.

Noa Afuan
Ramat Hasharon, Israel

Bill Yates Pic.JPG

Best referral I ever got and I got a contractor referred to me who built me a dream house. I'm a logical person who has never been that attached emotionally. My marriage was ending and I knew I needed to talk to someone. I tried talk therapy about 25 years ago and it helped a little but I never wanted to go back. I don't like talking to someone when I don't know anything about them. I don't like rambling on and on with someone only listening and only talking once in a while. I wanted to talk to someone different and Ingrid is definitely different. I am an engineer and I have mastered many aspects of my craft. Ingrid has done the same. I don't know how one person carries so much wisdom. I appreciate her guidance and her laughter too. I appreciate that she shares examples from her life so I don't feel like I'm talking to a robot. I appreciate that I can tell her absolutely anything and I always do. She's never shocked or judgy. She always takes everything in stride and it makes talking to her so easy. Everything she says is rational which is of utmost importance to me. She also has a lot of love and wisdom in what she says. It's the perfect combination. 

Frank Barrone

Philadelphia, PA

Jen Testimonial.jpg

I came to Ingrid in a very difficult time. As a logical, intelligent, and driven person, I rarely find anyone to talk to who understands that "I get it." Ingrid got this yet is intuitive enough to go deeper to the places that hide behind my logic and intelligence that aren't healed and keep me stuck. Ingrid's experience, professionalism, intuition, and understanding of what makes me tick, got me back on track. She absolutely knew how to reach me and find the places that were really keeping me stuck. If you want true freedom and healing, Ingrid will get you there. It doesn't have to take years.

Jen Salazar

Ventura, California

Yolana Testimonial.JPG

When I started out getting coaching sessions with Ingrid,  I was constantly questioning my choices, always debating obsessively over every little thing. I had trouble at work and had real trouble holding a long lasting meaningful relationship. I was confused most of the time and unhappy, often depressed. Ingrid helped me to focus and realize what my patterns were,  all my habits that were blocking me from moving deeper into things and through our sessions I got a grasp on how to start changing my automatic behaviors , a deeper understanding and awareness of what was causing these things and started to grow out my old habitual thinking and actions. I am now much more satisfied with my career choices and commitments and even more incredibly- I now have a very good, healthy relationship, moving towards creating a family. I feel that I owe so much to my coaching sessions with  Ingrid. She is so insightful and has a deep and wise understanding of people, human psychology: emotions, thinking patterns and she is also very soulful- something I find important in a coach of any kind (and I have met so many!). I find that through incredibly  deep and insightful conversations with her, I came to understand myself better and gained a new awareness which truly helped and allowed me to make a deep and meaningful change.
Yolana Zimmerman 
Los Angeles, California

Bill Testimonial.jpg

Ingrid is the best. Over the years, I have received coaching and advice by a few different people in the field and, I have to say, that I have never had nearly as good of results from anyone else. Ingrid listens with an attentive ear and her genuine concern for me is very obvious. Maybe the best thing about my experiences are how she speaks as if we are simply having a conversation from the way she asks questions to the way that she advises me on issues and feelings. It all seems very natural, even things which I thought would be hard to deal with. She makes things fun and easy going. Ingrid has a way of making me feel like everything is going to be okay! And it is obvious that she is very insightful and knowledgeable because I have found that I feel better and make better decisions thanks to my sessions with her. She does not tell me what I want to hear - but she tells me what I should hear - and with her help I know I deserve a better life and am successfully working toward achieving one! She is like a dear friend and an amazing life coach in one!

Bill Errig

New Hope, Pa

Adi Testimonial.png

I really recommend Ingrid. She helped me feel confident enough to kick-start my own nanny business. I was feeling stuck and frustrated and working with Ingrid helped me gain a new way of seeing things. She also helped me to be a better mom and deal with my young children in a more positive way. I'm so glad I had Ingrid as my coach. I still have sessions with her at least once a month when I need help clearing things up. Ingrid is fantastic and anyone will benefit from having her as a coach. My husband also has sessions with her and she helps him a lot with his business and also personally. Our relationship and career have blossomed since starting life coaching with her. I was nervous when I first started, but I'm so happy I did. Ingrid is the best!!

Ady Cohen

Netanya, Israel

Shlomit testimonial.jpg

Ingrid has helped me so much in my life. When I started coaching with her, I was overworked and very very stressed. Ingrid helped me figure things out. She helped me figure out what I want and not just do what I think everyone else wants from me. That was a huge problem for me and it made things very hard for me. Coaching with Ingrid helped me find myself and my strength and how to be my own person. Ingrid has a huge heart and a great brain which makes her unstoppable in helping people work their lives out on their own terms. My life wouldn't be the same if I hadn't had these coaching sessions with her.

Preeti Shah
New Delhi, India

Ory Testimonial.jpg

I was having a really hard time assimilating to my new life in China. I was also having a lot of problems with my long distance relationship with my boyfriend. Ingrid coached both of us in our relationship and he is now my husband. It took a while and it was hard but we got through it with Ingrid's help. We couldn't have done it without her. My husband moved to China to live with me. I don't know how long we will live here, but with Ingrid's help we have found our lives here to be an adventure and we have started to love it. My husband and I thank Ingrid so much for everything. We will always have sessions with her during different periods because she helps make everything so clear and helps us make really good decisions for ourselves and also for each other in our relationship.

David Ramosa

Shanghai, China

Claire Testimonial Pic.JPG

Ingrid has helped me immensely both personally and with my marriage. She always listened to everything I had to say, and helped me realize and focus on the good in my life when I usually became fixated on the bad. Her advice is honest, realistic, and never judgmental. She's helped me challenge my way of thinking for the better which helped so much in my marriage and in my job. Ingrid truly cares and really helps to improve happiness, well-being and personal growth. She is intelligent, sweet, and easy to talk to, and I highly recommend her for any issues you may be struggling with. She definitely helped me to change my life for the better.

Clarissa Wheeler

Boston, Massachusettes

Shai testimonial.jpg

I could go on forever about Ingrid. She totally helped me get my life back on track. My career was a mess and her coaching helped me start my own business that has just started to take off. My relationship with my family was a mess and she coached all of us. She taught us how to use effective communication methods that made us close. My mom and dad are also grateful to Ingrid because the family relationship has improved so much. I highly recommend taking Ingrid as a coach, because she is so smart and never judges. You can tell her anything because you don't feel ashamed about anything with her. Getting her as my coach was the best thing I could have done for myself and also for my family.

Carlos Reyes Sanchez

Miami, Florida

Bernie testimonial.jpg

Ingrid listens without judgement and can approach each topic without bias. She has been a mentor to me for over a decade and watched me go from high school to college and into adulthood. I’ve had plenty of internal, financial, emotional, romantic, and family struggles since then and Ingrid has helped me gain immeasurable clarity in every facet of my life. Her empathetic nature really allowed me to open up and confront all aspects of my life. She was able to understand and relate to me on levels that I have not experienced elsewhere. Our connection helped me grow into the person I am today. 

Mary O'Leary

Sydney, Australia

Lisa testimonial.jpg

Ingrid has helped me work through many situations in my life including marital, family and self-awareness issues. She is kind, supportive, intelligent and she genuinely cares. I wasn't just a client, I was someone that she cared about and made a huge effort for. I went to Ingrid during the worst period of my life. She helped me see the light at the end of the tunnel. She gave me strategies and taught me how to deal with everything head on. I use these strategies for every situation in my life. I recommend Ingrid to anyone. She will change your life.

Lynn Czernysky

Miami, Florida

IMG-6641 (2).JPG

Ingrid is an incredible person. She is more like a friend than a coach. She truly listens. She is wise beyond her years. That mixture of compassion and common sense is what really sets her apart. She is very professional yet very warm. I feel so comfortable with her. I am very open with her and I don’t ever feel judged. She has great, solid advice to give when that is needed and she always listens when it's needed. She has helped me a lot emotionally and given me guidance through very difficult matters. My husband has also seen a big difference. He calls it "before Ingrid and after Ingrid." She truly cares and it shows.

Edie Bonwraithe


Dvora Pic.JPG

I heard about Ingrid through a good friend who raved about her. I am a person who doesn't usually share my private issues. I had my first session with Ingrid and I was very impressed with how comfortable and relaxed I felt with her. She is very intuitive and always surprises me with how sharp her insight is. My sessions with Ingrid have helped me to make significant changes in my life that I was afraid to make before. Ingrid helps me to see things from a completely different perspective and it's been a huge blessing for me. I have referred Ingrid to several different people including my sister and everyone I have referred has agreed with me about how amazing she is. I highly recommend her. 

Hadas Rubinstein

Tel Aviv, Israel 

Annie Testimonial Pic.JPG

In my opinion, one the most important factors of coaching is finding a coach who is truly compassionate, empathetic, relatable and that you can feel comfortable with.  I have found that in Ingrid. Her knowledge, understanding and caring demeanor have helped me to be open and honest with myself in ways I never thought I could be and started me on my path to healing. Ingrid helps me to see things in a totally different way and my life is changing because of it. I actually look forward to our sessions!  

Laura Erinson

Seattle, Washington

Meghan Testimonial Pic.JPG

Ingrid is an amazing coach. She is very honest, straight-forward, sharp, and has the ability to get to the heart of the matter by asking smart and guiding questions and providing a unique perspective. I always left our sessions grateful to have had an empathetic and educated person helping me to better understand my problems, thoughts, and feelings. I can't recommend Ingrid enough. She's the real deal. 

Karen Neu


Jim Sr. Testimonial Pic.JPG

I never thought I would see a life coach and definitely not someone so much younger than me. My daughter convinced me after she had remarkable success with Ingrid and boy am I glad I did. Ingrid is very perceptive and helped to open me up. I don't speak to people easily, but after a few sessions, I found myself telling her things about myself that I am not used to sharing. My wife quickly noticed a difference in my attitude. I now have more pep in my step. Ingrid has become very dear to my heart, because she helped me to understand things differently and I needed that. Thank you to Ingrid. My family and I are grateful.

Nasir Ahmed

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Katelynn Testimonial Pic.JPG

I've known Ingrid a long time. She's helped me through major decisions in my life. Her insight is a gift. I have been to therapists but Ingrid is a life coach. She has a different approach. I like that she's direct and asks me questions that make me think. It's also very helpful that it's a full hour of discussion and not just me talking about my problems. She knows how to guide the conversation so that we don't get caught up in small details but really focus on the main issues and take full advantage of every minute. I learn so much from our talks and it's been very good for me. I used to have weekly sessions and now it's monthly. I call it maintenance and it's great. :)

Jen Ceravolo

Miami, Florida


So many things changed for me when I had talks with Ingrid. I didn't really know if I wanted to start with her at first but she had me at the discounted session. I figured what the hell and tried it. I was a little worried because I'd been to psychologists and they're always so heavy and I didn't know if I had it in me to open all that up and go through that stuff again. But I knew I needed help so I went for it. After thirty minutes I knew that I had to continue because I never had that kind of experience with anyone before. She is so different and in a good way because it's fun and the time goes by so fast and sometimes when I would talk about really tough stuff it was still fine and never heavy and I finished the talks knowing that I could handle it with no problem. I don't know how she does it but she showed me that life is so worth living. She says that I showed myself and it's not that she showed me but she never takes credit because I don't think she really feels a need to take credit.  I did the work but I never ever would have gotten to where I am without her. Credit or no credit it doesn't matter because I found her and it's the best thing that could have happened.

Riley Shepard
Phoenix, AZ

Yochai Pic.jpg

Sessions with Ingrid are life-changing. I'd gone to a whole bunch of therapists before and nothing worked and I had no intention of going to a life coach. My dad heard about Ingrid through his best friend's daughter and he suggested I give it a try. I didn't want to but my dad kept pushing me because of how well his friend's daughter did with her. I didn't think I was going to call, but when I heard the first session was discounted I decided to give it a go. I immediately noticed a difference. Ingrid is so different than all the therapists I went to. I feel very comfortable with her. Counselors and therapists always made me feel formal and cold and it was hard to open up. And some of the times I would feel worse than when I came in. Ingrid is not a therapist or a counselor. She is a life coach and maybe that makes all the difference. She is so warm and gives a huge feeling of safety. I feel uplifted and wiser after every meeting. She has a way of making me see myself like I should. She breaks down everything for me so that I understand the issues I'm facing in a really easy way. Before I felt really overwhelmed all the time. I had no idea how to help myself and I was having a very tough time. Now I have a lot more tools to help me figure things out. I am much more connected to myself and understand my habits and patterns much better, so I can make informed decisions and I'm much less afraid to fail. Ingrid taught me how to really like myself and how to feel confident in who I am and in the decisions I make. Ingrid is a very cool lady and I am really lucky I listened to my dad.

Farooq Khan
Tampa, FL

Krista Pic.JPG

I've never been happier to write a review for someone. If you're not sure yet I'm telling you make the leap. Ingrid has helped me soooooo much in everything. I don't even know how to explain it but she helped me turn everything around which was the sweetest blessing for me. I have this saying in my mind what would Ingrid do and then I think how much I learned and realize that it's about what I would do because I have learned how to trust myself. I should put a before and after picture of my brain. The after picture is much prettier. I'm just so happy I met Ingrid because that's how I found myself. 

Jennifer Kimathi

Toronto, Canada

Tiffany Pic.JPG

Being in sessions with Ingrid is awesome. I look forward to the next one from the minute I hang up with her. I have been learning how to create stability for myself and it's been gratifying on so many levels. My reactions to people and situations are better and I have found that I have much less angst. Impulsive reactions have been a serious problem for me. I also have anxiety so learning to figure out the basis for it all and then have an action plan that actually works has been very helpful. I've been getting better and better in many aspects of my life and I can't pinpoint something specific other than the fact that I am learning to see things differently. It has been a terrific journey so far and I plan to stay on it with Ingrid for a while.

Vanessa Garcia Gomez


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