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Lovers on a Rocky Beach

Relationship Coaching

Healthy relationships and marriages require consistent care and respectful communication.

Sometimes it can be challenging to maintain a strong connection. When we are struggling with our partner, it affects every aspect of our lives. It is hard to enjoy ourselves when our home life is stressful. Sometimes, as people grow and change, the aspects that brought us together in the beginning of the relationship, gradually become less essential as we deal with all the factors of our day to day lives. Very often there is love, but the friendship and communication become shaky and imbalanced. Knowing how to cultivate and preserve the fondness and enjoyment of one another and understanding how to rediscover each other can be very challenging. Having a true understanding of our own needs as well as those of our partner is essential to a flourishing relationship. I work with clients in providing them useful strategies and highly effective tools to create a loving, peaceful and emotionally safe partnership that is based on deep trust, support, encouragement and a lot of fun.

Most people have the intention to treat their significant other with respect and kindness, but don't have the necessary tools to accomplish that. Many people never had a good example of what a healthy relationship is and thus fall into the same destructive patterns of behavior.  As much as it's important to support and encourage one another, it is also as vitally important to know how to disagree without having a fight. It is crucial to provide a safe and secure setting in which to express conflicting opinions or perceptions. Relationships require deep commitment to learning how to love each other. It can be one of the hardest things to do, but once constructive, respectful and effective behaviors are learned, it is possible to overcome almost any obstacle. There is always a way to work together, but when people don't know how to change these detrimental behaviors, the relationship continues to deteriorate. If you find yourselves in this kind of dynamic, it is a great time to reach out for help. I offer mediation and completely objective guidance in helping to achieve a healthy and loving relationship.

Problems that I help with:

  • Conflicts about money and finances

  • Losing interest in the relationship

  • Undermining each other

  • Communication difficulties

  • Infidelity or unfaithfulness

  • Holding onto grudges

  • Sexual disconnect or dysfunction

  • Distrust

  • Constant fighting or bickering

  • Major life change which influences the dynamics of the relationship

  • Not moving forward at the same pace

  • Influence of another person in the relationship

  • Constant criticism or nagging

  • Jealousy, possessiveness or suspicion

  • Avoiding divorce

Issues that are often focused on: 

  • Learning how to respect each other

  • Establishing deep connection and fondness 

  • Agreements on finances

  • Healthy Communication

  • Treating each other with kindness

  • Nurturing deep trust and security

  • Forgiving and letting go

  • Finding the spark again

  • Doing no emotional, mental, physical or financial harm  

  • Focusing on the good in each other

  • Rediscovering each other

  • Speaking calmly and respectfully 

  • Understanding in which direction to take the relationship

  • Finding healthy, positive compromise and reaching mutual agreement

Lover's Embrace


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