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Parenting Coaching

Most of us upon becoming parents don't actually understand the depth of emotional, mental and physical effort and involvement that is demanded of us at all times.

It requires us to be the pillar of strength, love, guidance, support and advocacy at all times. We often do not have time to rest, relax or get time for ourselves and our own self-care. The world is not what it used to be where there was more support and less expectation of involvement in every aspect of our kids' lives. Parents usually, upon reflection, feel guilt and that they aren't doing enough. It can be overwhelming and exhausting to try to do it all. 

In all our efforts, we forget to enjoy our children. We forget to just chill with them and let go while allowing them to figure things out. It's hard to know when to stop and where to start. As children grow into teenagers parents often feel that they lose their closeness and communication with their kids. Others feel a disconnect when their kids are small because they are so exhausted and also because they don't always know how to speak the language of little kids. 

Kids don't yet have the brain development or life experience to truly appreciate what is being done for them. Parents give and give and don't usually receive true appreciation or validation. It is the nature of parenthood. Many times very good parents speak disrespectfully to their kids. They can have harsh punishments or no consequences at all. Parents don't always know how to handle their kids or how to best communicate with them. Oftentimes, parents don't leave the lines of communication open and kids don't feel comfortable or emotionally safe to talk to them about their fears or concerns. The best of parents make mistakes every day. In households with multiple kids, there may be one child that is easy to raise and another that is much more challenging which can cause jealousy and favoritism. There are endless concerns, difficulties, stress and anxieties related to the raising of children. It is normal and very common.

Parenting coaching handles these difficulties head-on in a completely judgment-free, supportive and confidential zone. Clients are taught how to treat, communicate and react to children effectively and lovingly. They learn to understand how to juggle all the responsibilities in a way that makes everyday life enjoyable and much easier to handle. Parenting absolutely does not have to be so stressful. We actually can learn to truly enjoy the kids that we brought into this world with love and hope in our hearts. We can learn to appreciate and relax with our responsibilities and chores. Our lives consist of what happens every day. It is possible and very achievable to live the life that we want and have a close and fulfilling relationship with our kids.

Why you may need parenting coaching:

  • Don't get true enjoyment out of parenthood

  • No clear family goals

  • Not being able to achieve family goals

  • Helicopter parenting

  • Not involved enough

  • Constant arguing

  • Feeling that you don't know how to handle it all

  • Being overwhelmed and constantly exhausted

  • Style of discipline isn't working

  • Losing connection or attachment with kids

  • Not knowing how to handle or discipline kids

  • Recently divorced

  • Single parenthood

  • Struggling with handling your blended family

  • Feeling alone or as if you do everything

  • Everyone seems disconnected

  • Teen drama

  • Separation anxiety

What I help with as a parenting coach:

  • Enjoying the process

  • Building and maintaining a strong, loving and supportive relationship

  • Understanding what you actually want out of parenting

  • Forming realistic family goals

  • Handling stress and anxiety

  • Forgiving yourself and children for mistakes

  • Effective and healthy communication

  • Giving clear and healthy consequences

  • Knowing when to let things go

  • Speaking respectfully

  • Understanding the needs of each individual child

  • Confident and practical discipline without yelling or spanking

  • Keeping calm

  • Maintaining a trusting and safe connection

  • Highly effective strategies and decision-making skills

  • Sticking to your goals

  • Being consistent and keeping your word

  • Building clear and healthy boundaries

  • Learning patience

  • Maintaining a stable and safe environment

  • Teaching kids independence

  • Giving acceptance and affection

  • Delegation of responsibilities

  • Overcoming loneliness 

  • Handling separation anxiety

  • How to handle teen drama

  • Support and strategies for single and divorced parents and for blended families

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