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Divorce Coaching

Getting divorced is a transformative life change. Feeling grief over the relationship is common and mourning over it is normal.

Even if a person is the one who chooses to end the relationship, they often have a feeling of tremendous guilt, shame, and loss. Some people are blind-sided by the decision to divorce and feel frozen in fear or are consumed with anger. Learning how to navigate this new reality can be confusing and scary. The entire dynamic of the relationship with the ex-spouse or spouse changes and it can be very bewildering to figure out how to handle it. Very often clients seek out my services when they are feeling very overwhelmed, anxious, angry, or distraught. Others are just looking for a different way to understand their path. I offer tremendous support with an objective and very clear outlook. I teach clients to manage their emotions and figure out how to get through this difficult process in the most emotionally, mentally, and physically healthy way possible.

Divorce is a new reality and figuring out how to assimilate can be very stressful. It can be scary and lonely. People often say that they are so overwhelmed with emotions that they do not know how to think clearly. Others are sure of themselves but need a fresh perspective that is different from that of their friends and families who often are unable to remain neutral and objective. During sessions, I help with problem-solving and strategic planning in the various aspects of the process. I provide focus and a confident perspective by helping you to precisely target the path that you choose to be on. I offer support in moving ahead with strength, assurance, and purpose.

Signs you need divorce coaching:

  • Don't want to go through this process alone

  • Constant fighting or bickering

  • Difficulty coming to an agreement

  • Concerns on the effects of the divorce on you or your kids

  • Unsure of your next steps 

  • Too overwhelmed or anxious to successfully help yourself

  • Difficulty in communicating with ex-spouse or lawyers 

  • Questions about how to navigate specific situations

  • Not knowing how to handle finances

  • Being in fear mode and having a hard time thinking clearly

  • Constant anxiety and fear of the "what if"

  • Stress about the future

  • Not sure if you should take the steps to get a divorce

  • Difficulty in transitioning to your new life

  • Unsure of how to be an effective single parent

  • Not knowing how to handle prying or meddlesome people 

What I help with:

  • Knowing how not to engage in fights and destructive behavior

  • Overcoming anxiety, sadness, anger, and loneliness

  • Problem-solving and strategic maneuvering

  • Taking care of yourself emotionally, mentally, and physically 

  • Making the final decision on whether to separate from your spouse and understanding what it entails

  • Handling emotions with clarity 

  • Figuring out what you actually want out of the divorce

  • Making decisions with confidence

  • Co-parenting skills

  • Setting healthy boundaries

  • Thinking clearly and with certainty

  • Learning healthy behaviors

  • Entering single life with strength and self-assurance

  • Being safe and secure in your decisions and life path

  • Building a support network

  • Finding a parenting plan that works best for you

  • Saying the right things to your kids

  • Communicating more calmly and clearly with your spouse or ex-spouse

  • Preventing or stopping power struggles

  • Communicating effectively with lawyers

  • Facing people and situations with ease and confidence

  • Organizing your life and schedule

  • Creating emotional, mental, physical, and financial security for yourself and your children

  • Finding useful, tactful, and diplomatic courses of action

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