Looking at the View

Individual Coaching

Many well-known entrepreneurs, business leaders, and celebrities swear by having a life coach.

The main reason for this is that although they are successful, they still require someone to talk to in order to help them see things clearly and to get a fresh perspective. People come for individual life coaching when they have stagnancy in their life and want help to see things differently. Many times we don't know how to get out of our own heads. We have habitual thinking patterns and other obstacles which prevent us from moving forward. These obstacles can take many different forms. Some people need help with self-confidence and self-worth. Others feel that they try to please others at the expense of pleasing themselves. Some clients have shame, loneliness, sadness, anger, and/or other intense emotions that they need help to navigate, while others are looking for meaning in general and are trying to understand what they can do differently in order to achieve goals. No matter what the issues are, there are ways to overcome them. I have a Master's Degree in Counseling and over twenty years of experience working with people to help them transform their lives.


During the coaching process, I objectively and compassionately support clients, while also helping them achieve their goals. The quality of our lives depends on the way we think. If I tell someone that I'm getting divorced and I'm happy to be rid of my husband, that person will tell me congratulations. If I tell that same friend that I am devastated by the divorce, they will be sad for me. The divorce itself is neutral. It is our perspective alone that will decide how we continue forward. The same is true for almost all situations. It is always the way we feel and view a situation that makes it good or bad for us. These same thoughts are habitual and we don't realize the depth of what we say to ourselves all day long, even though this is completely what controls the way we experience life. I teach clients to identify these thoughts and really see them. When I work with clients, I offer a mirror and teach them how to rethink their reality and change their perspective in a light-hearted and fun setting. In this way, they challenge their own beliefs and dramatically improve them. 

If you need help with any of the following, call today:

  • Anxiety, social anxiety and stress

  • Sadness and emptiness

  • Low self-confidence, self-doubt, or self-worth

  • Feeling lost 

  • Finding purpose or meaning

  • Feeling shame or having a secret that you need to let out

  • Having the same repeated, destructive patterns and not knowing how to break them

  • Disorganization and difficulty with follow-through

  • You know what you want to do, but don't know how to get there

  • Not knowing where to begin

  • Feeling stuck or not knowing what your next steps are

  • Self-Limiting beliefs 

  • Difficulty in facing peers, family, or bosses 

  • Hardship in handling personal and social situations


If you want to learn how to achieve any of these goals, I am here to help:

  • Being self-confident and having high self-worth

  • Overcoming anxiety, stress, sadness, shame, or anger 

  • Forgiving and letting go

  • Finding purpose and meaning

  • Committing and following through

  • Achieving and maintaining goals

  • Knowing where to start and having a clear path

  • Establishing healthy patterns and behaviors

  • Accomplishing and preserving healthy, thriving beliefs and thoughts

  • Facing situations and people with ease, strength and assurance

Looking at the View