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Anxiety Coaching

All time slots are in Eastern Standard Time.

  • 1 hour
  • Online

Service Description

Anxiety is fear, dread, or apprehension about future hypothetical or actual situations. It is one of the foremost mental difficulties facing humans today. We have more and more responsibilities and expectations with less and less communal help and support. There often seems to be a feeling of having to juggle more than one can handle. People feel as if they are so weighed down by stress that they are unable to relax or enjoy their day-to-day lives. It is very difficult to enjoy your life and see it rationally and pleasantly when such strong fears, dread, trepidation, and stress get in the way. Life is short. Whether we enjoy it or not it passes regardless. The anxious perceptions of the mind are misleading, although many live as if it's the only way to see their reality. It is possible to live in a different way. It is absolutely possible to analyze ourselves and our minds in a more positive and worry-free way. Anxiety does not need to be the main lens through which we view our lives. Through coaching and learning to support and honor ourselves, it is very achievable to accomplish the life that we most want to live.

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