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A subject that comes up very often with my clients is 'Fear.' People have enormous fears which guide our lives. Very often our fears are so habitual, that we don't realize how deeply our lives are guided by and often stunted be these fears. A common fear that I encounter with clients, is distress about not being liked, loved, respected or accepted. I find that we consistently alter our behavior to fit a mold of how we want people to see us rather than acting in a way that is truest to ourselves. How often do parents apologize for your children in public? How often do you think others see you negatively? How often do you agree with someone or compliment a person although it is contrary to what you think?

People stay in jobs, friendships, relationships, homes, neighborhoods, cities, countries simply because it is what they know, rather than what they want. Familiarity is very deceptive. It shows itself as something safe and secure. But feeling flatlined or dissatisfied with life is the price that we pay. Usually when we feel stuck with something, it is because our fear of something is stopping us from moving forward. Many people live their days habitually without allowing themselves to evaluate their present life and decisions. If you think about your truest fear, is it scarier to run toward that fear or away from it? Think about it.

What we perceive as safe can be destructive when it is not in line with attaining a meaningful life. The fear that we feel usually has nothing to do with keeping us safe or alive. In our day to day lives, most of us are not in imminent danger. Fear is therefore thoughts that we have about undesired possible future outcomes which then become manifested as a physical sensation. It is not conducive to living a full life. When we make decisions based on awareness and trust in ourselves, our day to day existence has meaning. To find out how to be driven by awareness and trust rather than fear, book a session today.

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