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Life After Covid

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a profound transformation in our world, pushing many of us into a deeper connection with our inner selves. Before the pandemic, we had countless ways to distract ourselves: work, school, media, social media, hanging out with friends, parties, concerts, and more. These activities allowed us to avoid confronting our thoughts and emotions. However, quarantine changed all that. It became much more difficult to escape our inner realities. Our thoughts, often buried under layers of distraction, surfaced with an intensity that many of us were unprepared to handle. Suddenly, we had to face our fears, anxieties, anger, and sadness head-on.

From a young age, we are taught to avoid unpleasant emotions. Society often conditions us to seek comfort and shun discomfort. So, when quarantine stripped away our usual distractions, many felt a profound loss of control. Without the ability to push down these emotions, we were left grappling with feelings we didn't know how to manage. This experience highlighted a crucial realization: if we are so controlled by our emotions, perhaps it's time to understand them better.

Our emotions are not the monsters we think they are. By understanding and confronting them, we can learn to coexist with our feelings without letting them dominate our lives. This concept, which I refer to as “blenderizing,” describes how we mix our identity with our emotions, becoming a blend of ourselves and our feelings. We often don’t know how to separate the two, leading to a situation where we are our emotions, and our emotions are us. This lack of distinction creates a cycle of suffering and avoidance.

For years, I lived with constant anxiety and sadness. I never questioned why these feelings had such a hold on me. I was always running from them, seeking ways to feel different without confronting my own mind and emotions. It wasn't until I faced my emotions directly that I began to understand their nature and reduce their control over me. As humans, we seldom inspect our emotions or question why we let them rule our minds. We don’t usually ask ourselves why we give permission for these emotions to dominate our lives, or realize that we actually are the ones who agree to this, often subconsciously.

To truly be the active and conscious creators of our reality, we must deeply examine what is happening in our heads. We need to filter our thoughts and emotions, understanding them rather than blindly accepting them. This self-examination is crucial for breaking free from the automatic reactions that govern our lives.

For years, I tried to escape my emotions. I distracted myself endlessly, or I cried and felt victimized by my own mind. Deep down, I never admitted how comfortable my own suffering had become. It was a familiar place, albeit a painful one. When I began to look inward honestly, I realized that I didn’t want to give up my suffering completely. Despite the pain, there was a part of me clinging to it. This realization was both shocking and disheartening, as I had no idea how to stop this cycle of suffering. I didn't know how to unblenderize myself from my emotions.

I was so immersed in my own suffering that I couldn't see myself without it. But when I started to understand that my emotions are not me, and I am not my emotions, I began to find a path to freedom. This separation allowed me to see my emotions as part of my experience, not as my entire identity. Recognizing this was a pivotal moment in my journey. It enabled me to confront my unfiltered truth and start living a more fulfilling life.

This journey of self-discovery and emotional liberation is what I offer to my clients. By guiding them to understand and confront their emotions, I help them break free from the control these feelings have over their lives. If you’re ready to transform your life, to move from a state of emotional entanglement to one of clarity and freedom, I invite you to start this journey with me. Together, we can explore the depths of your inner world, understand your emotions, and create a more conscious and fulfilling reality. To find out more and begin your journey towards emotional freedom, call today.


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