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A lot of words and phrases about empowerment are thrown around and I find that quite a few people understand what they mean only on a superficial level. I am going to clarify what it means to love yourself and what empowerment is. A lot of people want to love themselves. It sounds great and exciting. But what does it entail?

First of all, let's separate loving yourself from arrogance. The two are completely unrelated. Arrogance stems from a feeling of inferiority and loving yourself is about love. Have you ever noticed that when you feel good about yourself, you seem to like others more as well? Your level of patience and acceptance significantly rises. Have you ever met someone whom you really liked, because they were particularly warm to you and seemed to genuinely like you and be accepting of your faults? You really like this person because you feel good about yourself when you are with this person. Now imagine, this person was you. Imagine genuinely enjoying your own company and feeling comfortable being you.

Imagine feeling completely comfortable with yourself and not getting embarrassed in situations, not having to think twice about what you are saying or doing. Think about what it would be like to rarely think about how others see you, because it is enough to know how you see yourself. Your quality of life would be so much higher, because the angst of being seen as nice, good, appropriate would no longer be an issue. If you are accepting and kind to yourself, and this means having kind, forgiving and healthy thoughts about yourself, life becomes so much better. It doesn't mean that you think you are perfect and don't care about others. It means that when you do make a mistake, there are no difficult feelings attached to that. You can fix it, or if it can't be fixed, you accept it and then you move on.

Loving yourself means enjoying your own company, feeling confident with your own opinions, not being worried about how others see you and being able to enjoy your life. It means having healthy relationships with others, because your outlook is healthy. All of this leads to empowerment.

Empowerment means to give power to someone. Being empowered means that you give yourself the power. People often give their power away to others without realizing it. When you feel embarrassed or insecure next to someone and are looking for their smile or some kind of sign of their acceptance, you have empowered that person instead of empowering yourself. There are so many complexities that we have in social situations and when you allow yourself to have authority over these situations, they diminish. Having authority means that you hold the reins over your thoughts. What others think of you doesn't matter nearly as much as what you think of you. Loving yourself and being empowered are very real ways of living your life. To find out how to empower yourself, book a session today.

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