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Authority Over Our Own Lives

Life is intricate. Sometimes it feels like sand flowing through our fingers. Time passes quickly and sometimes we can't seem to grasp a tangible point in our lives where we feel that we are making conscientious decisions rather than just letting life slip by.

We want to feel alive. We want to enjoy ourselves and relax, but there is so much to do. We have work and laundry and cleaning and all the kids activities and by the time there is time for ourselves, we are completely exhausted. It's what we do, because that's what everyone else does and that's how life is. Or is it really? Do you really have to do all the things that you don't like to do? There are always things which we should work on changing our attitude towards. Laundry does have to get done and so do some other things, but how many? Is it possible, instead of activities or chores to have a fun evening at home doing something fun? There can be game nights, telling silly jokes night, or wine and a special dinner night or so many other things.

You do not have to fall into the trap of a million activities and chores and going to bed completely exhausted only to start another chaotic day in the morning. I work with clients all the time who feel completely overwhelmed with their lives, which means that they are overwhelmed by the decisions they have made. This is completely normal and easily fixed. Through reevaluation and action, it is possible to make changes and lead a calmer and more enjoyable life.

Sometimes taking action means learning to get the courage to make changes. Often, not many things need to be different, only a change in perspective. Every day of our lives we live because of the decisions we make. As much as it often feels like we are swallowed up in life, it is because we continue to choose our actions and perspectives, albeit subconsciously.

Your life is your own jurisdiction. Just like you have made decisions that have led you to this point, you have the ability to make decisions which will lead you to a healthier outcome.

Throughout high school, I volunteered in a nursing home. I hung out with some of the elderly residents. I used to sit hypnotized while they told me their life stories and gave me jewels of advice about life. Almost all the stories were about their memories with friends and family. I heard stories about situations that they never forgot and ways in which someone influenced them or they influenced someone else. I heard whole lives poured before me, as if their vocal cords had turned into a symphony. Time and time again, what I always heard was, "Enjoy your life. Life is the little moments, not the big ones. What seems so worrisome now will be forgotten later. Enjoy your life."

We have the ability to follow this wisdom now. It is never ever too late. Do not wait until the last stage of your life to understand it. We all have it within us to have authority over our own lives and our own minds. It is, after all our own decisions which have led up to this very moment. To learn how to have authority over your life, book a session today.

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