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A distraction is something which diverts attention and prevents concentration. We live in a society where we have not just daily distractions, but distractions by the minute and second. Did you ever stop to wonder why it's so hard to put the smartphone or tablet down and turn the TV off? In a time when so many of us feel that there are not enough hours in the day, we still take up our time with keeping our minds on moving images that do not benefit us in any way. We would rather stare at mindlessness than spend a few minutes alone with ourselves to try to observe where we really are. We are what our thoughts are. We are where our thoughts are. All that we feel and experience lies in our thoughts. I see people that when they have even a minute alone, such as when they are with a friend out to dinner and the friend goes to the bathroom, the person immediately reaches for their phone. In that minute, there could have been a moment in which the person reviewed their day or just sat in silence. Take a moment and ask yourself why distractions are needed. What is in the silence that is fearful? When distractions become our attractions, that means that we are running away from ourselves. Our thoughts and feelings become the distractions to our technological devices, which can only lead to complete disconnection from ourselves. In the long run, when we learn the ability to be present with ourselves and have the oversight of our own psyches, we start to really live rather than just simply function. Getting to the root of why these distractions are so consistently needed allows us to realize that there is nothing to run from which then enables us to live a more peaceful life. For more information on how to learn to live more peacefully, get in touch today.

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