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How We View Ourselves And The Effect It Has On Relationships

When our relationship with ourselves improves, our relationship with our partner improves in direct correlation. The more we like ourselves, the more we like our partner. The more forgiving we are of ourselves, the more forgiving we are of our partner. The more we contribute to our own well-being, the less we expect and feel the need for our partner to do it for us. The more we give to ourselves, the less we need from our partner to give it for us. When we can help ourselves through difficult feelings the less we need our partner to provide it for us. The more we do for ourselves, the less we blame our partner for not doing what we sometimes irrationally demand and expect.

Our ability to be healthy with ourselves is in direct correlation to the freedom from expectations that we have with our partner, thus giving so much room for a true friendship to grow. When we get rid of drama, we replace it with space for growth, love and a healthy relationship. It is like a room that has been neglected. When we come in, sweep, mop, scrub, discard unwanted items and rearrange this room to be clean and only have what we need to make it functional and beautiful, it becomes a place that is a sanctuary, a place that we love to be in. The same is true of relationships. Sometimes you have to free yourself from the cobwebs of drama in order to make space for love.

Drama is not necessarily loud and in your face. It can also be quiet and lonely. We do not need to have big fights with our significant other for their to be drama. In silence and drifting apart, there is drama.

We are the only ones that can truly help ourselves. We are the only ones who can truly make our own lives better. The more we do for ourselves, the more we support and love ourselves, the less we will feel disappointed and hurt from our partner. The strength of the bond is always in direct correlation to the bond we have for ourselves. To find out more, call today.

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