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When I talk with clients, I find that very often they react to life situations in auto-pilot mode rather than in a focused and clear-minded way. They have a lot of confusion as to what their personal or career goals are and where they want to be in the imminent future.

It is hard to steer your life in the direction which is most beneficial when there is a fracture in the relationship that you have with yourself. In order to live life fully and be the author of our own stories, we must align our thoughts with our actions. When self-awareness and introspection become the catalyst to life decisions, the quality and depth of life significantly improves. The quality of our life is in direct correlation to the relationship that we have with ourselves.

A very good method of learning where your relationship with yourself is, is to take 10 minutes and sit alone in front of a mirror with no distractions. No phone, internet, pets or other people. Sit in front of a mirror and look into your eyes. Try not to divert your eyes. Look only at yourself. Pay attention to what arises within you. How do you feel? Where are your thoughts? Do you like what you see? Is it pleasant? Is it scary or uncomfortable? When the time is up, stroke your face gently and tenderly as you would a baby. Give yourself a hug. Sometimes in the beginning it is hard to do it. People say they feel embarrassed. It's interesting to see that you can be embarrassed in front of yourself. However, upon overcoming the initial hesitation, clients have been able to have tremendous results with themselves. To improve your relationship with yourself, call today.

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