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So many people feel that they are not good enough. It is a plague in our society. So many wonderful people suffer from feelings of inadequacy. They don't realize that it is only their own thoughts which tell them so, and not reality at all. If you feel this way about yourself, ask yourself why you agree to be unkind to yourself. You deserve to be loved by you. You take care of others. You are kind to others. Most of us are. Give yourself the grace of your own kindness. You do not have to accept a critical way of thinking about yourself.

In the same way that you think that you are a failure, you can also think you are a success. You are what you think you are. I have a friend who is a doctor. His parents were against him being in this field, because they wanted him to be in business and earn much more money. He is in one of the most respected fields, yet he still carries with him the burden of feeling like he failed in some way. He has published papers and is head of the department in a respected hospital, yet he still has not overcome feelings of inadequacy. No awards or praise from anyone can help him. Only he can help himself. Only his thinking about himself can cause him to enjoy his work and feel successful. He defines what he is for himself and he can only be a success if he decides that he is one. The same is true for all of us.

We are what we think we are. I remember seeing a documentary in which former porn stars were interviewed. One of the women talked about how she made a lot of films and a lot of money and was a great success. Many people look down on her and see her as a failure. But she is a success, because she believes that she is. We define our lives for ourselves. If you feel insecure, worthless or inferior, it is because you agree with yourself to feel this way. It is your habit of thinking which causes you to think what you think of yourself.

Many people who have a hardship with feelings of inadequacy can look back and see that their own parents were insecure as well. Many people were taught to feel this way by their own parents. These parents were good parents. Most parents do everything they can for the benefit of their children. These were learned patterns of thinking by parents, who, not knowing differently, taught this to their children.

We have millions of thoughts a day. It is like breathing. We do it, without thinking about it. Yet, our thoughts completely control our reality. They completely control how we feel in our day to day lives. It is imperative to observe them. Try to observe how often you feel bad about yourself without realizing it. The part of you that can be active and be the voice that tells you that all is well and you are good should be the part of you that is in authority. Do not let criticizing and chastising thoughts have the authority. Do not agree to this. Take care of yourself. Learn how to be kind to yourself. Accept who you are with benevolence. It is your own mind, your own thoughts, your own world and yours alone. No one else's. Learn how to take the reins over your own mind. Learn how to be the authority over your thoughts and actions. It is more than possible. It is a necessity. To learn more about how to improve your self-worth, get in touch today.

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